The Wolof Music Club has been running in Finland since 2015. This activity was started from the concern of parents to sustain their children’s Wolof language outside Wolof speaking countries. Musician and music pedagogy Marjo Smolander was the original founder of this Wolof music club activity. Smolander composed and used traditional children's songs as a basis while creating easily approachable music for children. Today the music club is held in co-operation with the Senegal-Finland Friendship Association. The original idea to create material for the book and music publication was born from the need to serve the music club activity. The use of music and movement in language learning has many positive effects. It is known that processing of the music and languages work in the same areas in human brains.

The Wolof music club has performed in multicultural events such as Lasten Etnosoi! 2016 and the World Village festival 2018, both in Helsinki Finland.


Sunuy Xale orchestra plays music form Sunuy Xale album. Welcome to our music, culture and language journey to Senegal and Gambia. The orchestra will have short instrument presentation during concerts so you will know the names and stories behind all of these fascinating instruments! Concerts are interactive so the audience is invited to play, move, dance and enjoy with all senses. The target audience is children from 1 year to 10 years.

Salaam aleikum!
Sama xarit na nga deff?

Ñëwal ñu dem Senegaal, Sunu gaal,
ngir seeti sunu mbokk yi.
— Sunuy Xale 2018