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The first book and music publication ”Sunuy Xale” supports the learning of Wolof language. Children will learn the language through simple stories and songs. Book’s illustrations and stories present West-African everyday-life and the cultural environment. By providing stories that children can easily identify in, it strengthens the development of their cultural identity

The book includes songs that are also available as separate recording and on Spotify. The music was recorded in Dakar, Senegal in December 2017 with Senegalese musicians and children.

The book and music publication was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Oskar Öflund’s Foundation.

wolof language

Wolof is spoken in the regions of Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania and it has a strong role in Senegal as a widely spoken uniting native language. Today Wolof speakers live around the World.


The book and the cd are sold at Institut Francais, Chez Alpha Books and Cours de wolof á Dakar in Dakar.

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If any questions just email sunuyxale@gmail.com and we will give you instructions.